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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

4th Day of Filming - Ned Keating

On our fourth day of filming, we ventured into our local branch of Waitrose to film the 'gang' in a supermarket. Waitrose were more than happy for us to film. We wanted to film in a supermarket such as Waitrose because of the contrast between the high-class connotations of a supermarket like Waitrose and the low-life view of 'gangsters' in Britain. Myself and Joe also wanted to use Waitrose as a result of our experiences of working there, where we have rarely seen any 'gangsters' within the year we have been working there.

In Waitrose, we intended to originally shoot just a few shots, as this was planned within the storyboard. However, we decided to film a few other shots whilst there in case we needed extra shots when we came to editing.
We had to film after hours within Waitrose so that we could not offend or upset any customers during our filming, which could damage the reputation of Waitrose We also needed to use a member of staff in the video to act as a love interest. The girl we asked was happy to take part at first, but became reluctant when she realised what she had to do. Despite this, she still agreed to star in our music video.

Ultimately, I believe the Waitrose shoot was a successful shoot as we filmed what we needed and more. This will help us when we come to editing the footage as we now have more footage than we need, so we can place the extra footage into the music video if required.

Adverse Weather Conditions - Filming - Martin Woodhatch

Whilst we were filming our A2 Media project we encountered some problems which hindered the production of filming. The reason that problems were encountered was due to the fact that on our storyboard we had many shots which were being filmed outside. Therefore the problem was that there was a lot of rain which meant that the quality of the shots may not be of the standard which we had expected. Not only did it rain but it also snowed which meant that we were unable to film outside due to continuity. As we didn't want to waste valuable filming time we decided to incorporate extra shots into the production. So we had a crisis meeting and then decided upon new locations which of the new locations was suitable for our project and we were able to immediately film. This then allowed us to use a wider variety of shots and gave us more choice when editing the final piece. The extra shots that we filmed were indoors so that the adverse weather conditions didn't completely hinder our filming process.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 1 of Filming - Martin Woodhatch

Following the previous mentioned crisis meeting we decided upon TopGolf as the location which was most suited to our project. TopGolf was chosen because it was in close proximity to our location and not only was it indoors but it also tied in with the theme of our project which was upper class kids acting like gangsters whilst still remaining upper class. Before we were able to film at TopGolf we decided to ring them to make sure that we would be able to film as the company may not allow us to film on there property. Fortunately for us TopGolf allowed us to film on the property and we were therefore able to start the filming process. Before we began filming we had to decide upon which lyrics would be lip synced at TopGolf. This therefore meant that our main actor had to memorise what he would say and the act it out whilst we were filming.We decided to film ourselves lip syncing whilst playing golf, this therefore meant that we could portray the fact that we were trying to act like gangsters but were unable to because we were playing golf. We also decided to get shots were two of us were swinging the golf club at the same time. Although at first we weren't sure of the idea when it came to editing this was one of the better shots that we filmed on the day. Another shot that we decided to perform was us walking towards the camera and acting like gangsters as if we were trying to gain the most attention. Are reasoning for doing this was that a huge percentage of the music videos from the rap genre included this and we therefore wanted to do this as we believed that it would portray our theme.