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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Adverse Weather Conditions - Filming - Martin Woodhatch

Whilst we were filming our A2 Media project we encountered some problems which hindered the production of filming. The reason that problems were encountered was due to the fact that on our storyboard we had many shots which were being filmed outside. Therefore the problem was that there was a lot of rain which meant that the quality of the shots may not be of the standard which we had expected. Not only did it rain but it also snowed which meant that we were unable to film outside due to continuity. As we didn't want to waste valuable filming time we decided to incorporate extra shots into the production. So we had a crisis meeting and then decided upon new locations which of the new locations was suitable for our project and we were able to immediately film. This then allowed us to use a wider variety of shots and gave us more choice when editing the final piece. The extra shots that we filmed were indoors so that the adverse weather conditions didn't completely hinder our filming process.

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