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Sunday, 6 February 2011

How did you use new media technologies in research and planning, construction and evaluation stages? - Ned Keating

Above is a Panasonic Lumix camera, similar to the one we used in the construction of our digipacks and advertisement. We chose the use the Lumix camera given its high pixel level and its face recognition technology, which helped significantly with the intimidating advertising shot.

The above image is of an Apple iMac computer, which we used in all three stages of our coursework. For the research stage, it was used to look at videos on YouTube and gain information on the artist from various websites. For the construction phase, we edited our footage on these computers using the iMovie HD software. This software was also used to edit the audience feedback we received, and is how we used the computer in the evaluation stage of the coursework.

The final image is of the camera which we used for the coursework. The camera similar to the one above was used in both the construction and evaluation stage, as we used the camera to film the footage for our music video and our audience feedback, before uploading the footage on to the Apple iMac computers.

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