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Sunday, 5 December 2010

FIlming: My Personal Role - Joe Jones

Over the course of the filming process, I felt I was a valuable member of the team, contributing ideas and suggestions throughout. Specifically, the things that I feel I was strongest at were:
- Acting - I do Drama and love performing, so essentially acted as director and held responsible for all performance aspects, giving my peers a rigorous acting lesson in the process!
- Creativity - I am generally quite a creative person, enjoy writing and as i've already stated drama and theatre, and so I came up with a number of the ideas and storylines.
- Finding Locations - I was able to find and suggest appropriate locations for the action.

However, there were some things I found difficult:
- Exacting my vision - What I found perhaps most difficult in the filming process. Often I would have an idea, but when it came to filming it, achieving exactly what I desired was incredibly difficult. If I were to do this again, I think once I have an idea i would have to develop it more and check its viability.
- Working co-operatively - This is something I never usually find difficult at all, but in this instance I did. You have to respect everyones ideas equally and work democratically in order for it to work, but sometimes I felt that some ideas were better than others, and we made wrong desicions. Ultimately, I feel we worked well as a team but it was hard at times.

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