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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Conventions of a Digipak - Martin Woodhatch

Digipaks have many different types of typical conventions. For our Music Video to be successful we had to look to follow these typical conventions. By doing this it would allow the viewer to understand the concept that we were trying to portray. Typical conventions that we could have looked to use would be Front cover page with song title and group members, a list of songs that are on the CD, lyric sheet of the main song that we are using, comments and ratings from newspapers/journalists and pictures introducing the individual group members that starred in the film.

As we were limited to six potential slides we had to choose are options carefully. We also had to make sure that our choices were relevant and tied in with the theme that we had currently been trying to portray. We decided that we should definitely choose the front cover as this would inform people of what they would be viewing and it was also a first introduction to the characters that were involved. We then decided that we should have a lyric sheet and a list of songs that are on the CD our reasoning for this was that they are two of the most typical conventions used in a digipak and they should be included. We then had three slides left that we had to fill. As there were three characters in the music video and three slides left to fill we decided upon having a full length shot of the characters and there individual names on there slide. This also tied in with the running theme of our music video which was a parody, this was because the three pictures of the characters show them attempting to look like a gangster when in fact they are not.

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