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Monday, 10 January 2011

Examples of Music Adverts - Joe Jones

Above is an example of a music magazine advert for "Second Coming" by The Stone Roses. This advert displays the date on which the song will be released, which is a convention seen in many a music magazine advert. Furthermore, there are images of the band members, which can help with the audience recognising the artist with just a glance. The name of the band can also be clearly seen at the top of the advert, again allowing the reader to understand who the advert is for, again with just a look. A review can also be viewed upon this advert, from Q Magazine, a renowned music magazine. The colours seen within this advert are again representative of the band and artist, which is another convention of music magazine adverts. In conclusion, it can be said that while this magazine ad for a song subverts and other convention, it is generally a normal music magazine ad for a song.

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