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Monday, 10 January 2011

Examples of Music Adverts - Ned Keating

Above is an advert advertising The Verve's "Love Is Noise". This advert is a great contrast to the one that Martin previously reviewed by Tinchy Stryder. For example, there is no image of the artist; instead there is an image of what appears to be the countryside. There is also a day mentioned on this advert mentioning when the single, something not seen on the Tinchy Stryder advert. Furthermore, the colours used in The Verve's advert are dull, which are a stark contrast to the vibrant colours seen in Tinchy Stryder's advert. However, the two adverts share a convention in that they both display the name of the artists and the name of thei respective song. if we were to take Tinchy Stryder's advert as a conventional one, then it could be argued that The Verve's advert subverts the conventions of a typical music advert in a magazine. However, it could also be said that the conventions of an advert change depending on how the artists wish to be represented. The dull colours suit The Verve, and the more aggressive nature of Tinchy's advert matches his style of music very well.

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