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Monday, 20 September 2010

Working Process - Brainstorming - Joe Jones

Coming up with ideas for the music video was a very difficult process. At first, it was four boys all guns blazing, shouting each other down and effectively going nowhere. We decided a sensible place to start was to list our preferred genres of music, as we felt we wanted to know the style well in order to create a believable video, adhering to the specific codes and conventions. After listing these, we couldn't decide between Hip-Hop/Rap and the relatively new 'spoof' or 'parody' genre, made famous by such artists as Weird Al Yankovic and the Lonely Island. After a lot of deliberation, we decided that we should perhaps combine these two, and create a comedic video for a Rap song, in which we would spoof the genre itself. After this, we had to decide upon an appropriate song. We researched a number of Rap and Hip Hop artists who regularly used comedy in their videos; artists such as Eminem, Beastie Boys, P Diddy and the like. We also started to brainstorm ideas to create comedy in a rap video, and we came up with ideas such as using the elderly or middle class bourgeoisie as our protagonists, and using surburban settings.
Eventually, we narrowed it down to two songs; Bad Boys For Life by Puff Daddy, or Fix Up Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal. We agreed to stay British and proud, and so selected UK grime sensation Dizzee Rascal's anthem.

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