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Monday, 4 October 2010

'Burn, Burn' Video Analysis - Ned Keating

The video to 'Burn, Burn' by Lostprophets contains many conventions of music videos.
For example, there is a performance within the video.This is often seen in music videos from many genres to further promote the song. Furthermore, a performance includes lip syncing which could entice the audience to sing-a-long.

Also in the video, we see the band having to walk through a crowd. This is the representation of the band within the video. it shows the band as still being in touch with their fans as they follow a similar action taken by the fans, i.e. walking through a large crowd.

In the video as well, there is some form of dance routine performed by dancers rather than the band. Generally seen in pop videos, dance routines are not usually seen within rock videos. However, the reason why this routine may have been placed in the video may have been more for mocking the routines seen in pop videos rather than being a serious one.

The video also makes use of 'moshing'. This is something generally seen at rock concerts, so the use of it in the video would further enhance the video's appeal to its target audience.

Another convention seen in the video is the use of props that relate to the genre. In addition to a BMX (see screenshot), there is also a skateboard in the video. both of these are generally associated with the rock genre of music. Again, by using these, the band with further appeal to their target audience.

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