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Friday, 29 October 2010

Further Planning - Lyrical Breakdown - Joe Jones

The next step in the planning stage was to breakdown the song lyrically and in doing this, perhaps find inspiration for ideas and start to get a general idea for the themes of the song and how you can incorporate this into your video. We found this exercise incredibly helpful in terms of coming up with potential material. We had already decided on a number of elements in our video, such as locations and costume. However, we found that looking simply at the lyrics gave us a lot of inspiration for ideas. For example, we decided upon a bathroom sequence for comedic effect, coinciding with the lyric 'flushin' mc's down the loo'. In addition to this, we saw this lyric:
I fight old school, bring your bat and your chopper,
And a First Aid Kit, and some antiseptic, this could get hectic
and decided that we would have our middle class protagonists reveal that whenever they go out they would carry a first aid kit, with the main character wagging his finger at the camera like a nagging mother. Again, this was a way to show clearly that our characters are certainly not 'ghetto', however much they'd like to be.

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