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Monday, 4 October 2010

Shaggy "it wasn't me" - James Wilson

The video to "it wasn't me" by shaggy contains many conventions of a music video. For example narrative within the video. Having a narrative takes the audience on the journey with the artist and gives an understanding of the song.

Throughout the music video a variety of shots with a variety of locations were used which is a common convention. By doing this a the artist keeps the audience interested and engaged in the video.

In the music video, lip syncing is used which is a common convention, and the quality of the lip syncing is important is it needs to look as professional as possible.

In the rap genre there is glorification of women and in this music video it is no different. The video shows how the women go around after shaggy and being there for his every need, helping down the stairs to just sitting around him. This shows the power of shaggy and how it makes him look more powerful with lots of women around him.

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