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Monday, 11 October 2010

Radiohead - No Surprises - Martin Woodhatch

No surprises by Radiohead was released in 1998. Although the song isn't that popular the video is far more popular due to the fact that it is filmed in on shot. The video is of the lead singers head being submerged in water.

Also the lyrics are being put up on the screen but they are being shown backwards. This therefore portrays as a script for the singer.

Also the lighting in the song changes throughout and starts off as being extremely dark and then changes and becomes bright were the singers face is fully visible.

The song is also cyclical meaning that although the lighting changes to bright it then reverts back to the beginning when there is pure darkness.

The music video is not a typical video as most generic music videos involve a variety of shots and are exciting to watch. In comparison this music video is just the one shot and although is not very exciting to watch it is intriguing for the viewer as you want to know what will happen to the singer. The music video doesn't have a narrative as the song is not really relevant to the video. Although the song is not that popular the video has proved popular nearly 2 million hits on youtube.

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