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Friday, 29 October 2010

Shot List - Planning

Shot List

1. Extreme close up – Depicting Mouth saying OIIIII
2. Panning shot – Showing the middle class Suburban setting for our music video.
3. Mid close up of feet
4. Mid shot – Show back of heads, all viewer sees is hoods, sense of mystery.
5. Tracking shot – moves upwards, revealing the identity of the protagonists.
6. Mid shot – Characters walk towards the camera threateningly
7. Long shot – Shows boys next to mansion, again reiterating the rich background.
8. Low angle mid shot, boys rap aggressively into camera – quintessential rap shot.
9. Mid shot – depicts main character at golf course.
10. Mid/long shot – shows two characters taking swings.
11. Mid shot – of boys and the Toyota Yaris
12. Mid/long shot – of main character attempting golf swing and missing completely.
13. Long shot – showing James singing his heart out in a spotlight.
14. Close up – ‘I hear the sound’
15. Mid shot – James reveling in his performance.
16. Tracking shot – shows Yaris zooming round a corner.
17. Close up – Character raps inside the car.
18. Mid/close up – Rapping out of the window.
19. Extreme close up – depicting the wheels of the car, which do not have the rims usually seen in rap videos i.e. gaudy and ostentatious.
20. Close up – number plate
21. Tracking long shot – shows the car leaving, protagonist hanging out of the window.
22. Mid shot – outside yet more expensive gates, playing on ‘prison idea’
23. Extreme long shot – Shows car in the distance.
24. Mid shot – shows Joe in toilet, reading broadsheet newspaper.
25. Close up – shows his pained expression.
26. Mid shot – Man enters toilet, clearly desperate for use.
27. Mid/Long shot – depicts man wrestling with Joe for use of the toilet.
28. Mid shot – showing two characters reading classic literature
29. Establishing shot – long shot showing ‘Waitrose’ logo, showing the boys ‘middle class’
30. Mid shot - shows Joe rapping amongst some fine wines
31. Long shot – Shows boys pushing Joe in Trolley.
32. Mid/Close up – Boys rapping in the shop.
33. Low angle close ups – Boys being obscene into the camera.
34. Slow motion mid shot – James in full singing flow.
35. Low angle close up – ‘I get on down’
36. Mid shot – James dancing awkwardly
37. Close up – Tropicana
38. Mid shot – Tasting wine
39. Shot reverse shot – Joe looking girl up and down.
40. Close up of Joe walking into pillar.
41. Extreme close up – Candy sticks, ironic.
42. Mid shot – Boys ‘smoking’ candy sticks
43. Mid close up – of financial times, which is dropped to reveal the boys rapping.
44. Long establishing shot – Shows boys arriving at suburban park
45. Mid shot – shows boys playing ‘boules’
46. Close up – shows ball landing near the Jacque
47. Extreme close up – Shows James’ adulation.
48. Mid shot – Joe rapping, then showing first aid kit and antiseptic.
49. Low angle shot – boys vying for position in the camera
50. Extreme long shot – Boys playing in park.
51. Low angle shot – boys on jungle gym
52. High angle shot – Joe rapping on climbing frame.
53. Close up – Joe determined expression in car
54. Close up – James determined expression in car
55. Long shot – shows the race, where Joe stalls.
56. Reverse angle mid shot – Boys playing in park
57. Extreme long shot – same shot as before, but James falls off swings.
58. Mid shot – Final shot, shows boys leaving waitrose arm in arm.

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